Jermell, not to be confused with his brother Jermall fighting this weekend, claims he and his crew were denied entry to Life Time Athletic gym in Manhattan over “skin color.” To back his claims, Charlo recorded the tense encounter at the reception desk. Charlo can be heard offering an entreaty of $200 to no avail. The video in question does not show the staff mounting much of an argument in their defense. Charlo says he and his crew were discriminated upon over claims they “smelled like weed.” Charlo insists that no one in his crew, including himself were carrying weed paraphernalia. To make matters worse, his twin brother was training downstairs.

The incident ended on ugly terms, with the reception desk calling 911. Charlo resorted to leaving with a sunken chest. The Police did not act out of compliance and the gym has not offered their side of the story, for fear of worsening the situation.