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Brazil Legend Roberto Carlos in Massive Doping Scandal

Brazil football great Roberto Carlos has denied doping allegations that appeared in a documentary on German television network ARD.

The startling revelation comes after ARD, in an investigation into doping control problems in Brazilian sports, spoke to Dr. Julio Cesar Alves who said he had been treating Carlos, among other players, since he was 15 years old.

Unknown that he was being recorded, the under-fire doctor stated that he’d bulked up Carlos’ thighs in the course of his career, Goal writes.

Despite eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen Roberto Carlos at Alves’ practice, and documents obtained by ARD showing his name in a dossier at Brazilian anti-doping agency, the legendary left-back has denied the allegations.

“I strongly reject the irresponsible accusations made by ARD, and I reaffirm that I have never used any substance to allow me to take advantage of my colleagues,” Carlos, 44, said in a Facebook post.

“The report quotes the name of a doctor that I have never known in my life, and my lawyers have been called to challenge the false allegations and request that they prove, before a judge and publicly, the accusations.

“Throughout my career, I have always advocated fair play above all. The false accusations against me are completely contrary to this thought. In more than 20 years of my career I have never tested positive for any substances that would change my performance.

“I worked professionally for nine teams in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia and India, and for the Brazil national team. I competed in the most diverse leagues on the planet, including World Cups, where use of any prohibited substance would have been promptly detected.”

Anti-doping authorities are yet to release a statement on the damning claim.




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