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Diamond Platnumz arrested for sharing raunchy videos on Instagram

The Tanzanian Police has arrested Diamond Platnumz and taken him into custody, for sharing a video of himself making out with another girl and later being joined by Socialite Hamisa Mobetto.

The post left many of his fans talking and bashing the singer for being promiscuous and unfaithful to his family, as they even went on his mother’s page and asked her to teach son how to be a mature adult.

Confirming the arrest of the music star,  Harrison Mwakyembe, Tanzanian minister of communication on Tuesday said;

.“There are some stars who keep posting uncouth content on social media and I’m proud to say yesterday we arrested Diamond Platnumz.”

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The Tanzanian government said that the post goes against the country’s acceptable norms, and it is misleading the young generation. He is yet to be prosecuted for the crime.

Before the arrest of the singer, the government of Tanzania through its Music Regulatory Board, popularly Known as BASATA, had banned posting of nudes photos on social media.

Few days after Diamond Platnumz shared the raunchy videos on Instagram, Bongo music Queen, Shamsa Ford spoke on Diamond Platnumz’s relations with women, and even offered the international award winning artist some words of advice.

In an interview with Bongo 5, Shamsa said Diamond was still a young man and he had every right to be with the number of  women he wanted to. Her concern came up days after Diamond shared suggestive videos and images on his social media with his baby mama, Hamissa Mobetto.

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“I don’t see how a man can use a woman for his desire without her wanting to be used, If you want to be played you’ll be payed its just the way these women want to be taken,” the Bongo diva said.

She believed that he was not wrong in any way in having multiple affairs with women. She said that if the women were willing to give themselves to him, he should enjoy his youth with them.

“To be honest Diamond is young, he is a star and has money, he isn’t married and has come along way, let him enjoy life’s pleasures,” she said.

Shamsa concluded the interview with words of advice for Diamond and told him to always use protection before sleeping with women.

“He isn’t committed and he is young and has money, why shouldn’t he exploit his youth, let him indulge but always use condoms,” she advised.

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