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Judge Throws Out Radio DJ’s Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift, Singer’s Countersuit Still Remains

Radio DJ David Mueller’s lawsuit against Taylor Swift has been thrown out.

A judge released Swift from the suit on Friday, determining that the singer “did not act improperly” by reporting that Mueller had allegedly groped her during a Denver, Colorado, meet-and-greet in 2013. The judge declared that there was insufficient evidence that Swift was responsible for his firing from country station KYGO-FM, which occurred two days after the alleged incident.

Swift’s mom, Andrea, and her point contact with radio stations, Frank Bell, are still defendants in the case as Bell did contact KYGO following the alleged incident, and Andrea testified on Wednesday that she did want Mueller fired. Swift’s countersuit against Mueller, in the amount of $1 for assault and battery, still stands, and will be deliberated by the judge on Monday.

Mueller was stone faced during his attorney’s attempt to counter, while Swift pointedly look over while he accused her of making up her story against Mueller. When the judge announced that Mueller’s claims had been dropped against Swift, the singer and her legal team appeared overjoyed. Swift said, ‘holy sh*t,’ and hugged her brother, Austin, as the rest of the courtroom erupted in hugs.

“Having two daughters, a son, a wife of 32 years, I couldn’t be more proud to represent someone like Taylor Swift who is willing to step up in a situation like this,” Swift’s attorney, Doug Baldridge, said in a statement to ET. “And I am grateful to say to Judge Martinez, to the marshals, to the people of Denver for getting the law right.”


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