“You know, Cardi is my girl! I don’t know the other one,” Kim said, obviously shading Nicki. “But Cardi is my girl and so I’m so excited for my girl Cardi. I can’t wait for her to have the baby. I love you, Cardi!”

Way back in 2011, Kim chatted with The Breakfast Club  about Nicki explaining show she doesn’t show her respect for trying to cop her style. “The problem with her is she was very catty about it,” Kim said. “I never had a problem with her. I was always nice with her. She was a very obnoxious person.”  

Kim has publicly expressed her distaste for Nicki on “Black Friday” and Nicki fired back with songs such as “Stupid Hoe,”.I Am Your Leader” and “Roman’s Revenge,” that was seemingly all about Kim.