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Russian Model Ekaterina Stetsyuk, 22, Seriously Injured After Jumping Out Window To Escape Alleged Attacker

Russian model, Ekaterina Stetsyuk, broke her spine after jumping out a sixth floor hotel window. She was reportedly rushing away from a man who allegedly tried to rape her.

Ekaterina Stetsyuk, 22, was reportedly trying to flee from an alleged rapist on March 3, when she decided she had no other option but to jump out the window of the sixth floor of a hotel, according to The Siberian Times. The paper reports that Ekaterina broke her spine after the fall, and is currently awaiting surgery at a Dubai hospital. “She survived by a miracle,” her friend, Irina Grossman, explained. “She cannot walk or move by herself, but doctors are giving good forecasts because her spinal cord is intact.” However, the man who allegedly held a knife to Ekaterina’s throat after she allegedly refused to have sex with him is telling different story — he claims that Ekaterina was the one who attacked him. Ekaterina was reportedly arrested on her hospital bed, while her alleged attacker was detained at the airport in Dubai

When this shocking story began to go viral, rumors surfaced that Ekaterina was working as an escort in Dubai when this tragic accident took place. However, her mother has viciously denied those reports. “My daughter is a well-known model in Irkutsk,” Ekaterina’s mother said. “On 15 February she left for Dubai for a month where she had a contract. They want to make her guilty.” Ekaterina also recorded a video from her hospital bed, in which she assured her mother not to “worry” about her.”My surgery was postponed,” she explained in the vid, according to the Siberian Times. “We’ll see how it goes. All is fine mummy. I love you. Kisses. I have got everything.”

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A member of the Russian Consulate in Dubai confirmed that his team is “thoroughly studying” Ekaterina’s case. “The investigation is in progress,” he said. “The Consulate cannot give any more details of the accident to the the request of the citizen herself.”

Ekaterina’s mother and Irina are hoping to raise money for the model’s medical costs. “We appeal to those who know Ekaterina and just to all sympathetic people,” she begged. “Give her a chance to recover.”

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