Tuesday , July 14 2020

About Us

Ma’on Communications

Ma’on Communications was conceived in August 2013 by partners with the aim of providing an ideal communications experience.

Harnessing years of experience garnered in the industry, each member of Ma’on Communications strive to achieve client’s dreams and desires.

One of its subsidiaries include 745ng.com created to actualise the aspirations of talents embedded in the Nigerian Entertainment industry; Spotlighting the life style and musical aspects of the industry.

Our Services includes amongst others;

Project Management:

 We actualise our client’s ideas bringing it to fore by our team of experts. The ideas become a reality by consulting with our team. Every step of the project and or event is meticulously handled by our experts. We hand over the dreams of our client in a reality form.

The project handled ranges from product launch, musical concerts, debates, seminars, and walks amongst others.

Music/Talent Promotion: 

We create a platform for music to be projected to the world our website 745ng.com and also via the social media platforms facebook, twitter and Instagram. Already established artists serve their fan the new creation from their efforts. New and budding artists also get to create their own fan base.

Public /Media Relations:

  We ensure that an organization’s message(s) to is delivered its diverse publics. We also ensure that a firm’s brand message is presented consistently across media, both offline and online.

We attract attention, mainly of the press and the world, to raise the profile of celebrities, businesses and brands. We build relationships with journalists on behalf of the client to ensure your organization’s position in the nation and the world at large.

Television Production:

The visualization of contents can be professionally handled in real time and in Post Produced formats using the most developed techniques and skills. We are also engaged in the creation and conceptualization of television content.


We listen to our client’s core message to be communicated are crafted to reach, capture and spur the target audience to action with various creative arts/designs developed by our team of innovative experts.

Akinbami Oluwatosin (MBA, NIPR, APCON)
Project Management, Advertising, Public/Media Relations, Talent Management and Television Production
Ma'on Communications