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Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks On Drop Kick Attack: “Nothing To Worry About”

In South Africa, the famed actor and body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger was drop-kicked by a fan.

It occurred during the ex-politician’s sporting event wherein a disgruntled fan drop-kicked him from the back while Schwarzenegger chatted it up with fans.

The attacker was immediately apprehended following what looked like an epic fail. Precisely, the drop-kicker looked like he injured himself more than did the 71-year old Terminator actor. Moreover, since its occurrence, the video of the attack has gone viral across social media and sparked quite the conversation.



In his true diplomatic nature, which reminds us why Arnold Schwarzenegger was previously appointed as governor of California, the actor gave fans an update on his state of being. The ex-Mr. Olympia shared the following update via his Twitter account: “Thanks for your concerns, but there is nothing to worry about. I thought I was just jostled by the crowd, which happens a lot. I only realized I was kicked when I saw the video like all of you. I’m just glad the idiot didn’t interrupt my Snapchat.”

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