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Coco Austin Reveals She & Ice-T Have A New ‘Mommy’ TV Show In The Works: It’s ‘Taboo

It’s been four years since Coco Austin, 38, and her husband Ice-T‘s, 59, reality show Ice Loves Coco ended, and now Coco is ready to dominate the TV world once again — this time with her own “mommy” show! The star, who’s mom to Chanel Marrow, 1, revealed why this new show is so important,

Admitting she loves inspiring other moms with her baby blog, Coco explained that that’s the driving force behind her new show. “I feel that’s why there needs to be a show like the one we’re making,” the blonde beauty said when asked how it feels to be inspiring so many women online. “I get questions like crazy on my website. They want to know my fitness regime and what diapers I use on Chanel and you know, every little detail, so not only do I write a baby blog about my journey with her, but it’s just an overwhelming response!”

Coco continued, “Women need to talk, women need to open up and have the conversation, and I’m here for it and there for them.” How cool is that? Even better, Coco isn’t afraid to talk about topics that others may find uncomfortable — apparently EVERYTHING will be fair game on the show! “It has to do with a mommy show, about women, taboo subjects, and all that good stuff!” Coco shared about the series. While that’s all Coco could share with us at this point, because the show is still “under wraps,” that’s definitely enough to get us on board!

Coco and Ice-T welcomed their precious baby girl in November 2015, and while the two definitely seem to be on top of their parenting game, they admit that they’re not perfect. One thing Coco in particular has learned since becoming a mom? Patience! “I didn’t really think I had patience until she came along,”the mom-of-one admitted. “Now I have a lot of patience!”

Something Chanel and Coco are known for is their super adorable mommy-and-me style. In fact, Coco’s social media pages are full of pics of the two of them rocking identical outfits. “Before her, I would match my husband and the dogs around me — I thought that shows unity and it’s fun,” Coco told us when explaining how she and Chanel began matching on the regular. “When [Chanel] came along, I was like, ‘I’m going to incorporate her.’ But, I didn’t think I was going to take it to this extreme. I thought maybe matching colors, but I’m all about prints, so what the hell!” Aw!

“I just love it. I have a little girl, so I’m trying to do every moment up,” the star concluded. Well, it definitely seems like that’s what she’s doing! We cannot wait to find out more about her new TV show and we’re hoping Chanel will make regular appearances.

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