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Gucci Mane Announces New Album “El Gato The Human Glacier”

The recently married legend may be coming off the release of two albums (Droptopwop & Mr. Davis), but it seems as if the icon has no intention of slowing down. Gucci Mane fired off a tweet teasing yet another new project, and while it’s unclear whether or not Guwop intends on dropping it before year’s end, it’s clear that he has a concept already in mind.

“I’m naming my next album El Gato the Human Glacier,” Gucci announced, via Twitter. “I wanna make 10 mo million for my honeymoon.” A noble goal, to be sure, and doable, for someone with as much hustle as Guwop. With that said, what do you think about the project’s title? El Gato The Human Glacier is definitely in keeping with Gucci’s classic “burr” ad-lib, but what about El Gato? Well, if you’re wondering, Gucci Mane previously copped himself an insane diamond piece in the shape of a cat’s face, which he dubbed “El Gato.” Perhaps he was looking at his creation and felt a surge of inspiration, or perhaps he’s always related to the cat, and decided to go all in.

Either way, if Gucci’s tweets are any indication, the album has a direct correlation with his upcoming honeymoon. Generally, honeymoons tend to occur shortly after the marriage, so there’s always a possibility that Guwop drops the project in November or December. After all, the rapper is enjoying a commercial surge, with his recent Mr. Davis reaching number two on the Billboard charts, tying 2016’s Everybody Looking for Gucci’s bestselling album.


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