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Hugh Hefner Set Up Heartbroken Wife Crystal With $5 Million & A Lavish House Long Before His Death

It’s incredibly sad that Crystal Harris lost her husband, but Hugh Hefner made sure she would be financially secure after his death. The ‘Playboy’ founder not only got his third wife a mansion, he left her a lot of money.

Though Hugh Hefner, 91, and Crystal Harris, 31, were only married for five years, the love he felt for her must have been much greater than that. As soon as the two tied the knot, it seems Hugh set up a trust for Crystal, according to documents obtained by TMZ. They got hitched in 2012, and in 2013, Hugh reportedly bought a 5,900 square foot house in Hollywood Hills. The deed for the home – which has 4 bedrooms, 5 baths and an infinity pool  is held by a trust that’s now in Crystal’s control.

On top of that luxurious home, a source familiar with Hef’s estate tells TMZ that Crystal will never have work a day in her life again. The Playboy founder reportedly left Crystal $5 million dollars. That’s one major payday. This inheritance is reportedly part of a prenup that Hef and Crystal signed before they got married, per TMZ. So, it seems that even before he said “I Do,” Hef made sure that the woman who would become his third wife would be set upon the tragic event of his death.

It’s good that Crystal has a place of her own, as the Playboy Mansion is under new ownership. Actually, Daren Metropoulos, 33, has been the owner of the iconic building since 2016, but he hasn’t been able to move in because Hef was still living there! The Hostess Brands co-owner reportedly bought the mansion for $100 million, and he said that it was a “true masterpiece in design.” Well, Hef can rest easy knowing that his home is in good hands, as it sounds like Darren truly appreciates the home for its majestic beauty.

Hugh passed away on Sept. 27, dying peacefully in his sleep. The last picture of the man who had a profound impact on pop culture and sexuality was taken in January, and it showed him looking frail. Of course, he was 90-years old at the time, so while it was heartbreaking to see him getting around with the help of a walker, it wasn’t that surprising. For nearly a century, Hugh lived quite a life.








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