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Tyrese Wins 50/50 Joint Custody Of His Daughter

It’s been a wild few months for Tyrese. The singer’s public life has pretty much been on display for everyone to watch and he’s been obviously struggling with his mental health and everything that’s been thrown his way lately. A few days back, his ex-wife not only requested he undergo a mental evaluation but also wanted a restraining order against him. Today, it looks like things are working more in his favor than hers.

Tyrese has just won his way through the court. The judge has granted him 50/50 custody of his daughter, Shayla, according to TMZ’s report. This comes a few days after his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, requested a restraining order but the judge denied her that. However, the joint custody will begin in January and until then, the two of them will have to arrange a visitation schedule so Tyrese could spend time with his daughter throughout the holidays.

Tyrese also took to Instagram to share his own thoughts on what happened. The entertainer expressed relief for what’s been his life for the past 80+ days. Along with that, he also called on Michael Moore, Netflix and Tim Cooke of Apple for a potential movie on the series of events that have occurred.

“I got over 400 hours of logged and captured footage this will be bigger than Avatar cause “Fathers” and the lack of support in the courts is a universal issue,” he wrote. It’s a sentiment he also told TMZ after he left the court room although this seems to be much more elaborate.

He ended up calling his wife out during his Instagram rant as well, saying, “. NoRMA ask yourself since you hate SO much why are you still holding onto my last name???? You’re NOT a Gibson your name is NORMA MITCHELL – There are only 3 real Gibson’s from my side…. Shayla Gibson, TYRESE Gibson and my real wife Samantha Lee Gibson – period.”

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